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Jan. 22nd, 2006 @ 08:14 am Ross's Last Day
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Well last night/this morning was Ross’s last day as my barista. I’m gonna miss him. Why’d he have to get promoted? Ah well. I guess I’ll have to find someone else to stalk for a while. Haha.

Catherine and I went to break around 3am to help celebrate. On the way to work, I bought him a German Chocolate cake from Nino Salvaggio’s. Man was it some good cake. He said it was the best cake he’s ever tasted. :) It was kinda sad though because I thought more people were going to be there. (Louie said he was working with Ross and his boy toy was going to stop by but both were MIA. I also couldn’t get a hold of Jeremmy and Ricky.) Curtis ended up working with Ross that night, but he doesn’t eat cake. Who is this guy? LOL So Ross was left to spend his last night with his two favorite flips, Curtis, Bill (another regular), and four Royal Oak cops (Steve, Al, and I don’t really know the other two that well). It was fun regardless. Catherine and I also gave him a going away present from Jeremmy and the both of us. It was a box of singles for the strip club. He loved it. I also gave him two leis, too bad it wasn’t the real thing. Oops..there goes my wandering mind again...
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