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Random Thoughts of a Random Girl

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4 January 1981
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I'm a sexy Capricorn that loves pina coladas and long walks on the beach. LOL Actually I have a good sense of humor about things. I try not to take life so seriously all the time.
adam sandler, adult swim, alicia keys, american idol, andrew dan-jumbo, aqua teen hunger force, best week ever, blue man group, booty music, bravo, british accents, bubble tea, candles, carter oosterhouse, celebrity poker showdown, chick flicks, christina aguilera, clay aiken, comedy central, cram, cuddling, dance dance revolution, dancers, dancing, dane cook, distraction, dominic monaghan, drummers, ebaums world, electronic music, evan farmer, express, family feud, family guy, figure skating, filipino cultural dancing, food network, friends, gap, garden state, good eats, h&m, happy bunny, hawaii, hibiscus, hip hop dancing, hip hop music, hot boys, hot topic, hugh grant, hula dancing, hyacinth, i love the 90s, igby goes down, in living color, independent films, infomercials, insomnia, jamie cullum, jasmine, jennifer lopez, jim carrey, jimmy fallon, john mayer, johnathan rhys myers, josh duhamel, justin timberlake, karaoke, karaoke revolution, kelly clarkson, kill bill, las vegas, late night with conan, les miserables, lillies, lilo and stitch, lord of the rings, lost, love actually, love spell, mad tv, making out, massages, mike meyers, monster house, movies, mp3s, musicals, musicians, myth busters, nyc, ocean's eleven, old navy, old snl, orchids, parodies, people, phantom of the opera, pimp my ride, pina coladas, plumeria, pochacco, pop music, porn, project runway, psychology, punk'd, puzzles, r&b music, rent, robin williams, rockers, rollercoasters, salsa dancing, sarcasm, saved, saved by the bell, scrapbooking, scrubs, serendipity, sex and the city, shopping, singers, singing, sleeping, spencers, spongebob squarepants, starbucks, stephanotis, stomp, tahitian dancing, the mole, the office, trading spaces, traveling, two weeks notice, ty pennington, unwrapped, vern yip, victoria's secret, viva la bam, while you were out, will and grace, worst case scenario, zach braff, zed

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